Socionics Test




  Socionics  is a theory of information processing and personality type, distinguished by its information model of the psyche (called Model A) and a model of interpersonal relations. It incorporates Carl Jung's work on Psychological Types with Antoni Kepinski's theory of information metabolism. Socionics is a modification of Jung's personality type theory that uses all eight psychic functions, in contrast to Jung's model, which used only four. These functions process information at varying levels of competency and interact with the corresponding function in other individuals, giving rise to predictable reactions and impressions -- a theory of intertype relations.

Socionics has huge potential for use in everyday life:

1. This theory gives a opportunity to know more information about yourself and to find right place in life.

2. Socionics allow you to understand other people, allow to find their abilities and goals.

3. Socionics allow you to forecast evolution of private and business relations.